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The Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) provides free on-line access to a collection of out-of-print monographs, essays, and editions relating to the history of medieval Iberia. Texts are presented in html format, preserving the original pagination and notes, and including the supplementary material (forward, index, and figures and illustrations) featured in the original. Presently some 70 publications are available on LIBRO with more titles being added. With nearly 300,000 visitors, it provides an important service to students and scholars the world over.

LIBRO was conceived of and founded by AARHMS member Jim Brodman in 1999; initial funding came from a grant provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Project continues with the material support of AARHMS, and the Departments of History and Informational Technology and Office of the Provost at the University of Central Arkansas. More information on LIBRO is available here; the project itself can be accessed here.

Please support LIBRO by joining or donating to AARHMS  and requesting your institution do the same. If you have written a book which is now out-of-print or one which you would like to see added to the LIBRO, contact the current curator, Chris Craun.

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